Thursday, 28 July 2011

How time flies

I still follow the same blogs I did when I first started writing here, but very sporadically now. Lovely to see all the pictures of the kids (with DS or not) growing up, and new babies arriving.

Luke is going to be 3 in October, L is 4 next week. I can't really believe 4 years have gone by since he arrived. We last saw him (and the rest of his family) in May and will see him next Sunday.

Although I do like to see him, we (my husband and I) do still find the meetings hard. My parents-in-law also see L either with us or sometimes separately.

I must say he is a fantastic, lovely little boy with such a nice nature, very much like Luke! His adoptive older brother (also with DS) is much more boisterous and they do have a lot of rough and tumble as a result (something Luke is missing out on and he may need toughening up a bit!).

My singing is going well and I can have up to 5 appointment to sing at nursing homes/day centres a week! I'm working about 25 to 30 hours a week back at my old office to pay for the nursery for Luke to give me the free time to do the singing which is very enjoyable. There is often very little feedback, especially if the place specialises in dementia, but if I see a finger or toe tapping, that is enough for me to know it's made a difference to someone's day!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Well it wasn't so bad!

The operation is all done and dusted and I'm back at home now - taking it easy - which is driving me mad!! It was all so much better than I had anticipated. I suppose that going private made a difference - 3 nights a nice hospital room with TV, own bathroom and good food etc. Thank heavens for medical insurance!

I am not due to start my singing "gigs" for the elderly until the 27th Sept which gives me time to rest and heal. Luke is doing 3 days in nursery for the next 4 weeks and hubby is looking after him the rest of the time. Well, I mean he is doing all the driving, lifting and carrying as I can still do everything else - just need to sit down every so often and have promised consultant that I will sleep for at least 2 hours every afternoon - ahhh a life of leisure - I can't wait for it to be over and get back to my exercise classes!!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How time flies...

Good golly gosh, how quickly did that couple of months go??

We have recently been to see L who turned 3 on 5th Aug. He is really walking well now, feeding himself, saying some words, raising hell around the house - and quite obviously bringing joy to his family.

I know it's maybe an odd feeling for me to have - but I feel very proud of him! He's a really a bonny looking little boy too!

I've been very, very busy with a new job (sort of job anyway) singing at retirement and nursing homes. There isn't much money in it but the residents seem to enjoy it which makes it worthwhile. It helps towards the cost of nursery for Luke which he now attends for two full days a week. He is loving it!

I'm having an operation on 31st August - a "posterior repair" (prolapse) which I am dreading. I've promised the consultant I won't pick Luke up for 3 months - but I can't really see that happening! I've put it off since January but really I have no choice but to get myself "fixed".

Ho hum. At least I will have more time to read up the blogs I follow when I'm lying in bed for a couple of weeks!!!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Long time

Wow, I don't get round to posting much - but am still reading other blogs.

We are off to Ontario, Canada for two weeks tomorrow. We have family there in Kingston.

Luke is amazing and is talking non-stop. He is still small and well, the whole eating issue - a nightmare!

We saw L and his family last week at my parents-in-laws house. Hubby's sister, his two aunties and uncles and his cousin and wife came too. It was lovely that they could all meet L and see how happy he is and how well he is doing. He is walking, feeding himself, saying a few words and my, my is he a cheeky chappie! He will be 3 in August.

Well hurrah for holidays and bye for now!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Luke walking

Well he took his first steps by himself last Thursday and there's no stopping him now. It's adorable but he gets SO angry if I try to hold his hand to help him! Such great fun, loving it!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Gosh, I just can't seem to get round to posting here these days!

My back is much better. I am having to do some exercises but other than that it's pretty much ok - just the usual amount of pain that I have from it anyway which is more of a constant niggle than all-out pain.

Luke is almost walking - he has taken a couple of steps by himself but that is all he will try, however he will walk for AGES holding both my hands - which you can imagine is not so good for my back - but hey, he loves it!

I picked up some brochures the other day for a part-time course to become a Montessori teacher. Have heard of it and like the idea but have not done too much research into whether it's a good thing to go for or not. It's not cheap but would give me a qualification. I'm not sure it's as popular here as the US or Canada yet?

Anyone know more about it? Do you think it;s a good thing to train for??

Monday, 14 December 2009

Ho ho ho

Another long break!

Not much happening, just enjoying every moment with Luke who is now pulling up to stand and doing a little cruising. So glad I decided not to go back to work - this time with him is so special!

Having said that - last Friday I slipped a disc and was immobile on the bathroom floor till the ambulance came to cart me off to casualty. Slipped a damn disc and now can't even pick the little man up. Missing him so much. Hubby is doing the full-time care and I feel useless. Getting better though and with a bit of time and physiotherapy things should improve. One downside is that I've had to cut short the breastfeeding due to the medicati0on I am talking. I had hoped to carry on through the winter. I've been surprised at how upset that has made me - but then again he is 14 months so I guess it was sort of time anyway.

We have a visit planned with L and his family next Monday, so will get to hear all about the Buddy Cruise.

Although his adoption was 2 years ago it's still a minefield of emotions! I go to the local sports centre Monday to Friday now and place Luke in the crèche whilst I do classes (well not for the next few weeks anyway!). There is an older lady with Down Syndrome who works clearing the tables in the cafe there and I do try to speak to her when I get the chance, although it's not really possible to engage in a conversation as such with her. She likes to give Luke a little tickle though! There are also a lot of disabled groups that visit the cafe there with their carers. For people not dealing daily with disability it is so difficult to know how to react. I've blogged about that here before. It's a natural curiosity to look but most people feel like they have to ignore rather than appear to be nosey. Actually I have a lot of stuff in my head about this right now but am really groggy from my meds and must go lie down....